Veterinary Physiotherapy is a non-invasive treatment and rehabilitation process that is fully endorsed by the Veterinary profession. Treatments available include:

Deep tissue massage and stretching

Gentle joint mobilisations

Electrotherapies – LASER, Ultrasound, and Pulsed Electromagnetic field therapy, TENS (neuromuscular stimulation)

Remedial exercise prescription

Deep tissue massage works by improving the local circulation, helping to relieve muscle tension/spasm to improve mobility and flexibility. Back pain may be as a result of a physical injury, poor posture or underlying joint pathology in the lower limbs/spine. Muscles that are held in a contracted state for long periods can develop adhesions (bands of painful rigid tissue).

Treatments aim to reduce muscle spasm and improve range of motion and balance of your horse’s musculature. In cases where the problem has been established over a long period of time, Veterinary Physiotherapy can help to reverse pain-conditioned behaviour, correct abnormal movement patterns and restore confidence.

Where a problem is suspected, assessment and early treatment can help to prevent your horse developing habitually restricted movement patterns that could be implicated in his long term soundness. Treatment can help to restore balance, suppleness and flexibility optimising your horses overall performance. The majority of my clients have experienced the advantages of keeping their horse on a maintenance programme, or at least have their horses treated twice a year, as you would your horse’s teeth or saddle fit.

Talks & Lectures

Talks to local pony clubs and riding clubs are available by request and Clinics can be arranged to teach owners massage and stretching techniques for their own horses. Contact me for more information about this.