jemma-marsh-testimonial-4Jemma was first recommended to me by my vet about 8 years ago when a horse I had had navicular. The horse used to get sore in her shoulder muscles and Jemma used to come out and relieve the pain.

Since then I have had her to treat all my horses. My current horse I ride at medium level dressage so having Jemma out every couple of months to give her Physio is essential. Indi tends to tense her back muscles so Jemma helps her to release them, I can physically see a difference and definitely feel the difference after a treatment. Jemma has also given me very useful tips and exercises to do with her to help her cope each different level of training she has had to do.

Indi is not the happiest horse at being fussed about with but because of the calm and understanding way Jemma treats her, she allows her to treat her and I think she even enjoys it.

Paula Adams & Indi


jemma-marsh-testimonial-2jemma-marsh-testimonial-3I often recommend Jemma to my clients to provide physiotherapy when I feel that the horse may have a physical reason for having difficulty performing on the flat or over fences. I am a qualified British Eventing accredited coach and have my UKCC level three in eventing. I have also competed at 4* level eventing having been placed at Badminton. I recognise the importance of having my horses treated regularly to enable them to compete to their best abilities.

Eventing Specialist Emily Lee HT

UKCC L3 (BE Accredited Coach), Somerset

As a freelance coach in the south west I recommend Jemma to my clients when I think she could help them and their horses. They have always been very happy with her work.  Jemma has a good way with the horses and owners, explaining things clearly and is always on hand for extra advice and ideas and I have seen big improvements in the horses she has treated.

Anna Gallie BHS INT.T Instructor

North Somerset

jemma-marsh-testimonial-1Jemma has been the therapist for my horses for over 10 years and has helped with many of my clients horses. She works well with me as a rider/trainer and is willing to work with others such as Vets, saddlers and trainers or other therapists so the client’s get the full benefit! It also helps that Jemma has ridden a lot as I can tell her how a horse feels and she understands what I mean and can take that through to her treatment.

Alaina Webster BHSAI

Local rider/Trainer & Judge, Somerset

I have known Jemma for many years however I did not realise what a talented Veterinary Physiotherapist she was until I started using her to treat my horses 3 years ago. I compete at riding club level in dressage and eventing on my horses, Cruise and Rio, I also work as an instructor.

Until recently I have just used Jemma once a quarter to provide maintenance treatments on one of my horses. However, 7 months ago I rescued a warmblood gelding who had been labelled dangerous and Jemma has been treating him on a monthly basis. When Jemma first came he was so weak behind and had no muscle at all and he had problems with his pelvis and he was obviously in a lot of pain in his ridden work. Jemma worked on him with her magic hands and strengthened his pelvis and over time with a specific exercise programme, T.E.N.S machine along with daily stretches the difference in him is incredible.

I recommended Jemma to everyone and now the whole yard uses her to treat their horses and all agree on just how good the treatment is and how much better their horses have felt afterwards. I cannot recommend Jemma highly enough. I am known to be very particular with who I have to treat my horses as they are very special and I have 100% confidence in everything that Jemma does and recommends.

Sara Halliday & horses Cruise & Rio