Frequently Asked Questions

I have booked in some events; will my horse need some time off after treatment?

Yes I normally recommend a couple of days with no ridden exercise, depending on the nature of the problem.

How do I prepare my horse for assessment/treatment?

Your horse needs to be presented clean from mud and sweat and be dry for treatment; your horse may be more relaxed if there is a companion present.

Do I need permission from my Vet for you to treat my horse?

Yes legally anyone treating your horse will require permission from your Vet

What can I expect during an appointment?

Your horse will be assessed on a hard surface in walk and trot and it may be necessary to see your horse on the lunge or ridden.  Your horse will then be palpated (felt all over) to check for areas of muscle tension along with a visual examination to assess the symmetry of the horse’s musculature and frame.  The horse’s limbs, back and neck are then assessed to check for range of motion.  Once the assessment has been completed any treatments will then be carried out.

Will my horse need a follow up?

If your horse has been treated a follow up treatment would be necessary, this is important to check on progress and adjust the exercises, stretches, machine use/settings that may have been left for you to perform.